ParaTek is a Research & Development organisation and was founded in 1995.

Having started with a unique and comprehensive information theory, ParaTeks' goal was to apply this powerful idea as a practical technology for use within commercial businesses.

ParaTek have delivered consistently improving core networking technology over the years and are continually enhancing its software. We are currently standing at version 6.2 and working simultaneously on versions 6.xx and 7.0 of our development toolkit.

Funded via a number of commercial interests, we also foster development partnership programmes with other organisations so they can directly benefit using our proven network architecture in their products.

In 2001 ParaTek delivered version 6.0 of the core toolkit. We also took the decision to expand and include a new commercial division. Its' purpose was to deliver business software directly to the business community, based on our unique technology.

As a result, the general business product EstateGuardian, a uniquely powerful computer estate management solution was developed and became available in early 2003.

Due to the ParaTek architecture, EstateGuardian is Scalable, Tolerant, Instantaneous and Transparent over any network without the need for any additional hardware or software. This not only represents unique and powerful functionality but also incredible value for money.

In mid 2004 ParaTek were approached by a privately funded development team who had made significant progress in an enterprise class solution for the management of the Microsoft Firewall upgrade. Co-incidentally ParaTek were also working on a similar solution to be named Firewall Guardian.

As a result a partnership has been formed where ParaTek will publish the excellent solution known as SP2Firewall Telecon and will eventually integrate this technology into the EstateGuardian family.

The success of EstateGuardian is testimony to ParaTek attaining its' primary goal and to the power of the original vision of its founders.

Bambo Efstathiou
Robert Hodgson