ParaTek encourages development partnerships with other software solution provider and in our unique position -as a purely R&D organisation- we can focus on providing our technology to those who already understand what its' benefits are to their business products. This in turn results in more ParaTek based products delivered to market than we could deliver alone.

We have a highly skilled development team able to provide development expertise in all areas of Microsoft Windows (and some UNIX derivatives). This has included solutions as diverse as Windows NT/2000/XP device drivers, government level cryptography in secure applications and global hotel reservation databases.

ParaTek also has a proven track record of taking point application solutions and providing an infrastructure to make such products enterprise class.

ParaTeks' development philosophy is not to solve any specific problem our partners bring to us. Instead we first identify which class the problem fits into and secondly we solve the entire class.

This means that not only has the original issue been resolved but we also eliminate the "moving goal posts" syndrome by solving specific problems that were not originally considered. The net effect is that we deliver robust back end applications whilst our partners tailor the interfaces to their business needs.

We are always interested in talking to developers who have a genuine requirement for scalable, networked software systems or core backend functionality. If you would like us to contact you, please summarize your requirements, send them to and a ParaTek representative will call.